Insmoor App

The Insmoor App is a multi-functional electronic wallet, you can use it to transfer money to friends, send money to any part of the world, spend on the website, use fiat/crypto deposits, and freely exchange and withdraw fiat/crypto.

Support multiple currencies

Multi-currency deposits, fast and free exchange and withdrawal of funds. Store and exchange your favorite currencies in one secure app. Deposit with credit/debit card, bank account or cryptocurrency, and freely exchange any fiat/crypto, and then withdraw funds (crypto/fiat) anytime and anywhere in more than 200 countries around the world.

Security and Compliance

We focus on security and compliance, we have MSB license issued by FinCen, your funds will be used in a safe environment. We use the most convenient KYC process and strictly adhere to the AML policy, you will use the Insmoor App in a fully compliant environment.

Support global use

Transfer/remit/withdraw funds anywhere in the world. We support any country and region in the world, you can send money to your friends or withdraw fiat money to your bank account anytime and anywhere, he/you will receive fiat money within 24 hours, and in some remote areas, you will also receive fiat money within 1 - Received fiat within 2 days, which is undoubtedly very fast.

Convenient and fast

Use your balance on the Insmoor App, just like cash, to transfer money to your friends in real time at zero cost. You can use the Insmoor App to transfer money to your friends anytime, anywhere without any fees. Your friends will receive your transfer information immediately. You can also spend on the website.