Insmoor global collection and payment

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Global payment methods

Payment methods covering the world

Easily let customers pay their way, wherever they are. With us you can accept all major credit cards and debit cards, popular local payment methods and digital wallets.

150+ processing currencies

Domestic processing in nearly 50 countries

Nearly 20 settlement currencies

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Global Payments: Send funds to your customers

Lower Fees

We process your money transfer requests with the lowest fees

Local banks and currencies

Send funds to your clients and your clients will receive their local currency instead of wire transfers;

Fastest Speed

In most countries, your customers will receive funds on the same day, in real time or within 2 hours;

Cover the world

We cover 75 countries around the world, including almost 7 continents (except some remote areas and smaller areas)

Supported Industries

We accept almost all industries







API Support

We provide a complete customizable API, you can use the API according to your needs.

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Partner Program

Become a global partner of Insmoor and enjoy 100% exclusive income

Rights and Interests

1.Completely independent pricing power: You have complete independent pricing power, you can set any handling fee for your customers, and enjoy 100% income.

2.Partner management background: you can open Insmoor business accounts for customers and manage your customers completely independently.

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